Breathing Air Quality Test Kit


The AIRQUAL-1 Breathing Air Quality Test Kit has been designed to fully comply with the EN12021 legislation for compressed breathing air testing.

The AIRQUAL-1, is conveniently packaged breathing air quality test kit that allows for a convenient ‘on the spot’ measurement of compressed air quality, used for respiratory devices and breathing air devices.

The AIRQUAL-1 breathing air quality test kit has been designed for use with the Gastec Airtec Tubes and is supplied complete with oil mist, water vapor, CO and CO2 test tubes to allow immediate multiple testing. This comprehensive breathing air quality test kit is compact, easy to operate and can be used to indicate the level of contamination, as well as, operating flow, temperature and pressure.

In addition to the detection of the compressed air contaminants listed above, AIRQUAL-1 also features an oxygen analyser allowing for constant real-time display of the oxygen content within the compressed air system.


  • Robust Aluminium Case
  • Lightweight (only 4 kgs)
  • Rated up to 10 bar
  • This is a Feature of this Product
  • No additional equipment required
  • No power required

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Breathing air test kit in case includes detector tubes (4 packs of 10).

Replacement tubes available for purchase: Replacement AIRQUAL-1 Tubes.


$3,300.00 AUD

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