D-484-S-K Dragin Pump Plus Standard



Powerful spill control at its very best.

Vacuum in, and pump out 200 litres in under 2 minutes

SKU: D-484-S-K


What can it vacuum up & pump out?

Coolants & Oils (hydraulic/transformer/engine/heating), Diesel fuel, Water (salt & fresh), Inks / Solvents and paint (special anti-static model), Liquid food waste / soups / wine, Non-corrosive chemicals, Solids suspended in liquid (ie. metal chip, sludge, nuts, bolts & screws, small rocks & dirt)

Why do I need a Super Dragin Pump?

Turns your old drums into powerful Spill Control Systems. Saves your business time and consumable costs when dealing with liquid spill clean ups.

Dragin Drum Pumps come with a 10 Year warranty, are maintenance free. Powered from your existing Air Compressor. Safe and simple to use


A supercharged vacuum designed for larger compressors.

Your compressor needs to have a FREE AIR DELIVERY capacity of:

30 CFM @ 100PSI
25 CFM @ 60 PSI Minimum

(Depending on the brand, this is usually a compressor with at least 13hp.)

You will be able to vacuum up to:

150 L/min

It has a vertical lift of up to:

3.5 M




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