D-357-R-K Dragin Pump Mini Reversa



Vacuum in, and pump out 200 litres in under 2 minutes.

The Super Dragin 357 mini Reversa is a compressed air powered vacuum pump which turns any 205L or 60L metal drum into a powerful fluid vacuum cleaner.

SKU: D-484-S-K-1


What can it vacuum up & pump out?

Coolants & Oils (hydraulic/transformer/engine/heating), Diesel fuel, Water (salt & fresh), Inks / Solvents and paint (special anti-static model), Liquid food waste / soups / wine, Non-corrosive chemicals, Solids suspended in liquid (ie. metal chip, sludge, nuts, bolts & screws, small rocks & dirt)

Why do I need a Super Dragin Pump?

Saves time and won’t break down. Allows you to transfer almost any liquid & suspended solids. Runs off a standard workshop compressor – Safe and super simple to use.

Perfect for any industrial spill clean up, restaurants or food preparation areas and a variety of other uses. Dragin pumps are robust and easy to use.


A supercharged vacuum designed for larger compressors.

Your compressor needs to have a FREE AIR DELIVERY capacity of:

17 CFM @ 100PSI

(Depending on the brand, this is usually a compressor with at least 13hp.)

You will be able to vacuum up to:

105 L/min

It has a vertical lift of up to:

2.5 M

You will be able to pump out up to:

50 L/min

It has a vertical lift of up to:

2.0 M




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