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With 40 years in the compressed air field, we are able to provide you with unique products to assist in maintaining efficient manufacturing processes and utilisation of compressed air.

We know compressed air, its applications and products that can make your business more profitable You are welcome to contact us on all aspects of compressed air .

Why Cope Air?

Ross Cope, Owner of Cope Air Technologies has been in the compressed air industry when he joined Festo in 1979. He has worked for pneumatic companies of Festo, SMC and Norgren during his working life. He established his first business in 1990 an Australian distribution company which imported compressed air filter housings, alternate elements and spare parts which were wholesaled to compressor sales and service companies. throughout Australia This, he owned for 17 years and was sold in 2007 to an international filtration company. Other industry experience gained has been working for compressor companies of Air Powered Services and Pilot Air in Victoria.

Desiccant Air Dryer Specialists

Cope Air specialises in a range of Air Compresser Desiccant Dryers. Our product range includes the high quality Super Dry range of desiccant dryers. Our air compressor dry range includes:

Single Tower Desiccant Dryer
In-line Desiccant Air Dryers
Separators, Filters & Dryers
Compressed Air Filters

Super Dragin Pumps

Cope Air now stocks the impressive Super Dragin Spill clean up pumps.
We offer a range of Drum Pumps, for small and large industralial spill clean ups.

Order your Dragin Drum Pump from our online store today!